Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Alpha (Drama 2018)

So this movie reminded me of those specials that they used to have on the Discovery channel. If you cut out Morgan Freeman's narration, you pretty much get Alpha.

The story in this one existed, but it was weak and undeveloped. With the right director and screenplay it could've been a lot deeper, but they only kept on top of the very superficial relationship stuff with the Wolf/Dog. And I use this slash term this because if you look on the Internet for real sizes of wolves...holy shit their heads are gigantic. This movie didn't even try for some CG...it was a damn husky and everyone knew it. They should've had a scene where the main guy tries to train the husky to shake or roll over. Man I've been through that and I was still not successful after a few hundred attempts.

Anyway, the movie was blah, but it wasn't terrible either.
Rating - C

Deadpool 2 (Action 2018)

Man, I don't understand how this movie can get rated so high? I blame it on this newfangled generation that thinks life is all about creating crafty lines and swift comebacks.

The first Deadpool was better since that actually had a story. This movie felt like a bunch of random "scenes" sewed together to hopefully get some laughs. Like seriously there wasn't a story and all the "new characters" didn't make it; and I'm talking super fast...faster than Snoke if you catch the hint.

I did laugh a few times, but overall I knew I was sitting through some real genuine crap; evidently from the ratings I am not part of the majority.
Rating - D

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Outlaw King (Drama 2018)

Talk about marketing man... If you were anywhere near www.usatoday.com this week you would've run into a billion sum advertisements for this Netflix movie. It worked though; when I saw the picture for the movie I ended up clicking and seeing what the advertisements were all about.

The movie wasn't half bad but it was too fast and started scene jumping towards the end. I guess you can't really compare it to Braveheart and how long the story was in that, but there are times when a film just needs to marinate some more vs having a plot race through.

So yeah it was a good watch and all, but the end happened too suddenly and it didn't feel quite right.
Rating - C