Sunday, May 06, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War (Comic Book Action 2018)

So let's talk about what marketing can do. This film has been highly publicized and all over the place so you would think that it may be the next great slice of cheese right? Eh, as with most disappointments in life this didn't totally live up to all the glam, although it wasn't necessarily bad either.

I did finally get a chance to see it and as a regular movie it was fine; it probably moved along a little better than some other Marvel films, but it still wasn't anything super spectacular. The film was close to 3 hours long. It did kinda need to be that long since all of the plot and fighting scenes ate up a lot of screen time. They also had to introduce all of the main characters group by group so again it was understandable. The special effect circus was, of course, impressive, but as a general They left it open to part 2 so that should be good, but yeah the length did start dragging it down towards the end.
Rating - B