Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Google Pixel 2

Well it's that time of the year again to upgrade phones so that you can recoup some money from your current phone while it still holds some value. It seems as though I actually kept my old Galaxy S6 for at least 3 years, so good for me for being able to stick with one for so long. I think I learned some lessons from many of my past phones so at least now I'm fairly certain I know what I want and/or need.

  • I'm back in the Pure Android OS game with this new Pixel 2. Having the old Google Now launcher on the S6 worked fine since the hardware was still top notch, but there is definitely something different about having a super speedy Android phone with no additional UI layer added.
  • Size. This was one of those things that I learned my lesson on. I don't like big phones that can't fit properly in your pocket or those that you can't use with one just annoys me to no end. I totally stuck with the smaller version and it's a perfect size as well as being cheaper in price.
  • Camera. The camera on this Pixel 2 is pretty darn good. It takes great pics and I have had zero issues. The video is also fairly impressive with its OIS (optical image stabilization) so all around bueno props on that spectrum. 
  • Battery life. I guess you don't notice how crappy your previous phone is with regards to battery life unless you take a new one for a ride. This phone can straight up last 2 whole days before getting near the low-end. Of course it depends on how much you use it but it's noticeably better than the S6.
  • Fingerprint Reader. The reader is on the back of the phone and it's super fast. It always works and I don't even have to push the power button. Great feature. It's worlds different from that new iPhone X and its foolish facial recognition marketing gimmick it has going on.
  • Patches. I have gotten 1 round of patches since I got the phone and there's only more to come as the phone will get all releases super quick vs a carrier one.
  • No wireless charging. I guess no phone can be perfect, but yeah they removed wireless charging and that's just unfortunate. I've since adapted, but still I would love to have this feature back.
  • Price. I suppose I shouldn't complain about the price since it's do-able and not over $1K, but I'm old school and back in the Nexus days, the prices were kick-ass and that's how Google grew their market share so quickly. Now it's just like any other flagship phone.
Overall I got no real complaints. The phone continues to function well and I have not run into any game changers. I'll be keeping this for a long while.