Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2015 Lexus NX 200t

You know what I figured out? Cars and I go hand-in-hand, and I think they always will. I should own a dealership or something since, for some reason, I can memorize all sorts of stats with cars but when it comes to the Krebs Cycle or some other fru fru scientific concept, I can't seem to absorb shit. Yeah I'm looking at you Stoichiometry....mol my ass.

Anyway with this car I'm not totally sure what I was thinking. I think I wanted something a bit different and I haven't tried Lexus yet, but I had heard lots of good things so I jumped on the 'experience of life' boat even though financially it was probably not the best idea.

I remember seeing a few NXes when they first came out and I always thought it was an attractive car. Good thing is that I still think it's good looking or else that would've been a net loss for my eyes. The car comes in 2 types...regular and F-Sport. The F-Sport sounds cool but it really doesn't have any performance add-ins other than a stiffer suspension. It does have better-designed seats and other small visual bonuses.

During my research I ran across this interior brown color called Flaxen and damn, it's hot, right? I had to hunt around for a very long time in order to get this color combination of White/Flaxen but I did finally get it. So what do I think about the car, ride, and long-term plans? Read on.

  • The car looks great, both interior and exterior. Nobody will ever say it looks slobby.
  • The quiet cabin of a Lexus is true blue. Totally more quiet than a regular Toyota, Subaru, or BMW. I very much dig.
  • The default sound system is very good in terms of quality. I heard that their upgraded Mark Levinson system is better and I would probably be wow'ed on my ass if I heard something better than what is stock in this car.
  • The quality of leather and its feel is really nice, even better than the Volvo in some regards (material, not seating...the Volvo's seats still supported better)
  • The back seat is comfortable and the trunk is good enough to haul stuff around. I haven't done measurements with the rear folded down but it's definitely usable.
  • The non-navigation control knob in the center for the infotainment is pretty badass. I can control everything using the dial and I've quickly memorized how to switch things around. I sometimes don't even use the steering wheel controls.
  • The HID headlights are the straightest/most symmetrical lights I've ever used. They're quite bright as well.
  • The six-speed transmission coupled with the turbocharged 4-banger doesn't quite cut it all the time considering the weight of the car. It's weak up a hill and is quite jerky when changing gears. I really do miss the CVT of the Prius at times. If the car had at least 50 more HP, I think it would have enough juice to be perfect. I also wish they put the 8-speed transmission that the IS and GS has...sad.
  • The gas tank is really small and it seems as though I'm always filling up. MPG has been around 26 mixed so not that bad, but again, it does have a much smaller gas tank than other cars of its same size.
  • The car didn't come with a Homelink mirror so I had to scour the forums before finding a place that would sell the correct parts. Lame, but I now have my Homelink mirror.
  • The blind spot over the right-shoulder is not the greatest. I've seen worse like in the FR-S, but yeah, it's annoying to depend on that side mirror all of the time.
  • The 2 back seat headrests totally get in the way of rearward visibility. In the UK, the headrests are shaped to blend into the seat when not in use. Not sure why this great design didn't make it across the pond...sad again.
So overall my feeling with the car is mixed. Everyday driving I still wish I had a faster car that was lower to the ground. I mean it's cool being able to slide into a CUV because it's elevated, but yeah there's something different and fun about driving a car closer to the ground. I guess the FR-S was the epitome of that feeling, but I shouldn't have gone that far. I can't seem to do things in moderation I suppose. Stat-wise I think I should've gotten the Hybrid version of the NX since it would've had a CVT, get better mileage, and have stock AWD, but alas... But while we're being honest I think the GS Lexus would've been a better fit since that car is RWD, a sedan, and just sportier. Oh well. I'm currently paying out the ass for insurance, registration, and payments so yeah my wallet is not thanking me at all. We'll see what happens. I still picture myself in a commuter electric car and some older fixer-upper.