Friday, December 15, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Sci-Fi Action 2017)

Argh! I don't know how this fucktard managed to do it but the director, Rian Johnson, fucked up this whole movie. How bad you ask? It's close to being on par with Phantom Menace bad... And who the hell spells Ryan with an 'i' either...see even his parents didn't like him.

I'll add the spoiler complaints at the end, but holy shit let's just say that I watched this film on the evening of its release and I had to work the next day, so I was expecting some worthwhile gold. What I got was pretty bad. This movie wasn't good...the writing sucked, the characters were all over the place, the directing was weak, there was almost no music integration, and none of the questions that came from the first film were fully answered. On top of that, the answers that you were looking for are now 100% irrelevant because of what occurred in the plot. This dumb-ass wrote and directed this film and he totally has no idea what he is doing. Has he even seen a movie before?

So the feel of this movie was totally different from the first one. It went too fast as in performing the amateur move of 'scene jumping'. Here's a scene...let's explain nothing and then Bam! Jump to another scene. The jokes were something out of an Adult Swim cartoon and stupid, which took you out of the Star Wars experience. I'd say that there were 4 cool scenes and the rest was overacted garbage. The whole latter portion of the film was a complete rush job. You know how some books are really good at the beginning and then towards the end it seems like the author is forced to wrap it up because the publisher is breathing down their neck? Yeah, just like that...but in this scenario the whole ending was just trash and fucks up the whole Star Wars foundation and story-line.

Overall it was shit. I would love to have a nice debate with anyone who thought the movie was good. Minus the 4 memorable moments, my complaint areas are all legit and all super valid. I'm sure some random person on a tiny island in the Pacific is mirroring the same "WTF" comments I have below... Hopefully JJ will be able to save the 3rd one.

  • Really, there are spoilers below. I don't want to ruin this already horrible film for you.
  • Many characters die and there is no reason why they are even in it in the first place. Like seriously...there are people who get extra screen time in the beginning so you think they may be someone new and then Bam! Dead...just like a shorter version of Game of Thrones.
  • Luke is a tard. His character was totally different from Return of the Jedi and it doesn't make much sense why his is such a weak and whiny character.
  • The first joke you get to experience was so damn bad and totally took me out of the moment...WTF man.
  • A new main character is this chubby Asian chick who was annoying and not relatable at all. Go eat some more Pho porky.
  • The red imperial guards surrounding Snoke were more interested in posing in their ninja moves vs protection detail. They seemed totally ineffective and slow. was like a misplaced dance or theater presentation; they didn't know what movie they were in.
  • The new Vice Admiral chick had purple hair. Not good purple was shopping at a Spirit store during Halloween spray-on purple. This totally took me out of the moment because I just couldn't take a purple-haired chick in a fancy dress seriously. Go back and sit on your magical throne already.
  • Snoke got wiped without ANY explanation of who the fuck he was.
  • Finn's kamikaze was stopped by porker...why? The initiation of his sacrifice run was unnecessary considering the situation of the alliance survivors, but holy shit the addition of the interference was just odd and misplaced.
  • Leia's space angel scene was fuckin' borked. What are we watching here? Like this an Anime?
  • Admiral Ackbar deserved a better end. Bullshit man. Where were the damn forward shields?
  • Seeing Yoda was cool, but explanation of the deeper reasoning behind his appearance other than a oddly placed cameo to incite some cheering by the evening crowd.
  • Since when can a round droid hack into a walker? There should be some realistic limitations on BB-8's abilities; he has no legs!
  • Why is the acting so overly done? Too much emotion, too much urgency, too much anger,100% acting. It shouldn't be that obvious. You guys are actors which means that my plebeian-ass shouldn't be able to tell that you're acting.
  • I guess the fried chicken scene was funny but the chicken looked hella fake and rubbery. This isn't Shrek...why have that copy-cat scene?
  • Without any organization, force-users will just be running amok unabated...this doesn't sound right considering how far back the history of Jedi and Sith go.
  • Rey had the equivalent of what seemed like a week of training. Really? I barely know where the printer in the office is located after a week. Is that enough time to be able to fight as good as she did? Luke had to have been at Dagobah for at least a few months before being a believable Jedi.
  • With all primaries gone, you really don't have any characters left to root for. The new peeps all suck and Chewie and his one-liners aren't good enough. Isn't he like super old now as well?
Rating - C

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2015 Lexus NX 200t

You know what I figured out? Cars and I go hand-in-hand, and I think they always will. I should own a dealership or something since, for some reason, I can memorize all sorts of stats with cars but when it comes to the Krebs Cycle or some other fru fru scientific concept, I can't seem to absorb shit. Yeah I'm looking at you Stoichiometry....mol my ass.

Anyway with this car I'm not totally sure what I was thinking. I think I wanted something a bit different and I haven't tried Lexus yet, but I had heard lots of good things so I jumped on the 'experience of life' boat even though financially it was probably not the best idea.

I remember seeing a few NXes when they first came out and I always thought it was an attractive car. Good thing is that I still think it's good looking or else that would've been a net loss for my eyes. The car comes in 2 types...regular and F-Sport. The F-Sport sounds cool but it really doesn't have any performance add-ins other than a stiffer suspension. It does have better-designed seats and other small visual bonuses.

During my research I ran across this interior brown color called Flaxen and damn, it's hot, right? I had to hunt around for a very long time in order to get this color combination of White/Flaxen but I did finally get it. So what do I think about the car, ride, and long-term plans? Read on.

  • The car looks great, both interior and exterior. Nobody will ever say it looks slobby.
  • The quiet cabin of a Lexus is true blue. Totally more quiet than a regular Toyota, Subaru, or BMW. I very much dig.
  • The default sound system is very good in terms of quality. I heard that their upgraded Mark Levinson system is better and I would probably be wow'ed on my ass if I heard something better than what is stock in this car.
  • The quality of leather and its feel is really nice, even better than the Volvo in some regards (material, not seating...the Volvo's seats still supported better)
  • The back seat is comfortable and the trunk is good enough to haul stuff around. I haven't done measurements with the rear folded down but it's definitely usable.
  • The non-navigation control knob in the center for the infotainment is pretty badass. I can control everything using the dial and I've quickly memorized how to switch things around. I sometimes don't even use the steering wheel controls.
  • The HID headlights are the straightest/most symmetrical lights I've ever used. They're quite bright as well.
  • The six-speed transmission coupled with the turbocharged 4-banger doesn't quite cut it all the time considering the weight of the car. It's weak up a hill and is quite jerky when changing gears. I really do miss the CVT of the Prius at times. If the car had at least 50 more HP, I think it would have enough juice to be perfect. I also wish they put the 8-speed transmission that the IS and GS has...sad.
  • The gas tank is really small and it seems as though I'm always filling up. MPG has been around 26 mixed so not that bad, but again, it does have a much smaller gas tank than other cars of its same size.
  • The car didn't come with a Homelink mirror so I had to scour the forums before finding a place that would sell the correct parts. Lame, but I now have my Homelink mirror.
  • The blind spot over the right-shoulder is not the greatest. I've seen worse like in the FR-S, but yeah, it's annoying to depend on that side mirror all of the time.
  • The 2 back seat headrests totally get in the way of rearward visibility. In the UK, the headrests are shaped to blend into the seat when not in use. Not sure why this great design didn't make it across the pond...sad again.
So overall my feeling with the car is mixed. Everyday driving I still wish I had a faster car that was lower to the ground. I mean it's cool being able to slide into a CUV because it's elevated, but yeah there's something different and fun about driving a car closer to the ground. I guess the FR-S was the epitome of that feeling, but I shouldn't have gone that far. I can't seem to do things in moderation I suppose. Stat-wise I think I should've gotten the Hybrid version of the NX since it would've had a CVT, get better mileage, and have stock AWD, but alas... But while we're being honest I think the GS Lexus would've been a better fit since that car is RWD, a sedan, and just sportier. Oh well. I'm currently paying out the ass for insurance, registration, and payments so yeah my wallet is not thanking me at all. We'll see what happens. I still picture myself in a commuter electric car and some older fixer-upper.

Google Pixel 2

Well it's that time of the year again to upgrade phones so that you can recoup some money from your current phone while it still holds some value. It seems as though I actually kept my old Galaxy S6 for at least 3 years, so good for me for being able to stick with one for so long. I think I learned some lessons from many of my past phones so at least now I'm fairly certain I know what I want and/or need.

  • I'm back in the Pure Android OS game with this new Pixel 2. Having the old Google Now launcher on the S6 worked fine since the hardware was still top notch, but there is definitely something different about having a super speedy Android phone with no additional UI layer added.
  • Size. This was one of those things that I learned my lesson on. I don't like big phones that can't fit properly in your pocket or those that you can't use with one just annoys me to no end. I totally stuck with the smaller version and it's a perfect size as well as being cheaper in price.
  • Camera. The camera on this Pixel 2 is pretty darn good. It takes great pics and I have had zero issues. The video is also fairly impressive with its OIS (optical image stabilization) so all around bueno props on that spectrum. 
  • Battery life. I guess you don't notice how crappy your previous phone is with regards to battery life unless you take a new one for a ride. This phone can straight up last 2 whole days before getting near the low-end. Of course it depends on how much you use it but it's noticeably better than the S6.
  • Fingerprint Reader. The reader is on the back of the phone and it's super fast. It always works and I don't even have to push the power button. Great feature. It's worlds different from that new iPhone X and its foolish facial recognition marketing gimmick it has going on.
  • Patches. I have gotten 1 round of patches since I got the phone and there's only more to come as the phone will get all releases super quick vs a carrier one.
  • No wireless charging. I guess no phone can be perfect, but yeah they removed wireless charging and that's just unfortunate. I've since adapted, but still I would love to have this feature back.
  • Price. I suppose I shouldn't complain about the price since it's do-able and not over $1K, but I'm old school and back in the Nexus days, the prices were kick-ass and that's how Google grew their market share so quickly. Now it's just like any other flagship phone.
Overall I got no real complaints. The phone continues to function well and I have not run into any game changers. I'll be keeping this for a long while.