Saturday, November 25, 2017

Wolf Warrior II (Chinese Action 2017)

So this movie evidently is a big hit over in Mainland China. I watched the first one and don't remember a lot about it other than it was quick and wasn't too developed. I doubt any changes were made for this sequel so here we go.

The movie was a story of an ex-PLA soldier who goes to Africa to find some baddies who used a special bullet to kill his chick. It has a bunch of political injections that make the film very one-sided and pro China. They talk smack about US foreign policy and go off on how China has assisted Africa in its continued development and pretty much makes this main character into Rambo. All is well and such but yeah very odd seeing such a patriotic film. It will only get good ratings over across the pond though since the movie as it is, is very simple and superficial. Not well put together plot-wise and just a lot of action.
Rating - C