Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming (Comic Action 2017)

So I'm not totally sure why peeps felt the need to make yet another Spider-Man movie. I mean they've already gone through 2-3 series', x number of actors, and of course for this one they picked that super annoying kid from Civil War and decided to make a whole film around his crackly Malcolm in the Middle voice.

Iron Man was in it a few times but it 100% seemed like what it was. Downey Jr. got called in to do a handful of scenes and back on the plane he went. There was no character engagement from his side at all. Super artificial.

As a movie it was only fair. The plot went too fast and there wasn't enough time to develop anything. Some of the comedic lines were OK but not enough to save the movie. I don't like this new Spider-Man...he seems like a Millennial douche who talks too much.
Rating - C