Tuesday, November 07, 2017


Remember this happy face from your childhood? Well unfortunately all that has been ruined now after I actually got burgled in real life. I got to say, from a broader perspective, it has been a very interesting past few years living down here and having experienced so many odd things that goes in the folder of 'life experiences that you don't ever want to go through again' but damn...it sure does change your outlook on things.

The last time I was robbed was when I was a kid on a summer "activity" camp in Cali and some fucker stole $14 or so out of my glass jar. I recall I was a dumbass and marketed the fact that I was ballin' but still...my money.

In real life I've lived in many places...some shady...others less so, but a few weeks ago the front door to my house got kicked in and the interior was burglarized. I live in a newer, supposedly good neighborhood that has 24/7 wandering security, so WTF? I never got jacked in Tucson and that was fucking Tucson...near Stone...remember that street? Fucking Vegas man...nothing makes sense here. Anyway, the following are some lessons learned. I'm still not sure what to make of everything, but hopefully some of this information will help someone out.
  • So the baddie's entry way was the main front door. Did you know how flimsy an average door is? Seriously...it's not directly connected to some huge-ass piece of wood like I would've thought. It's actually connected to a thing called a "door jam" which is a friggin' sliver of wood, not a 4x4. All it really takes is a few strong kicks and it's game over, even with the deadbolt.
  • Next, did you know that they don't use huge-ass screws for normal house builds on the door? In order to reinforce your door you should get this door armor contraption which is a $70 device from Home Depot or Amazon. It's various long pieces of metal that connects to the side of the doorway and is then screwed in using like 5 inch honkers. These screws will actually go into the real wood part and make it super harder to get through. Not sure why all doors aren't built like this.
  • Bad peeps can break into your house anytime, anywhere, so like a paranoid person would say, you're always vulnerable. The fucktard who did me in came through when we were at work. So really...all it would've taken was me taking a sick day or me having to do some errand and stopping by the house and I would've been face to face with some intruder in my hallway. What would I have done then? I'm going to re-plan on repurchasing an arsenal that's what. Hell, I'll probably get a wakizashi and a buckler while I'm at it.
  • Cops don't give a fuck. After it happened we just sat at home not touching anything because we thought they were going to call in the cavalry with a CSI van to take fingerprints and pictures. I was picturing a team of 3-5 peeps with gloves, lots of gear, a blacklight, sniffing doggy, and everything. No, that not what they sent. After three "Where is the police?" calls to 311 and 6 hours later, a rookie popo appeared, took out his little notebook, and started writing down details of what happened. Then he took some pics of the doorframe with an iPad, gave me a printout copy, and told me to go down to HQ to get an official report in a few days for my records. He said I probably wouldn't be contacted again because it's too low of a priority and I would never get my shit back.
  • So right here was a life-changing moment. Some fucker decides to break into my house and take my shit and the cops don't do anything...no investigation, no asking questions, nothing. Someone else gets richer from stealing my goods and nothing happens to him/her. WTF. I know that the world and life in general is not fair, but really...I'm sure if I was home and I maimed the intruder, I would somehow be responsible and 'then' a cop would probably show up to give me shit for it. All that makes no sense, but really, you should know that you're really on your own when push comes to shove. Cops have priorities and if you need help, they may not come. What would happen if we were home and we scared away some intruder? Would they still give us the same runaround? "You know you can just go down to HQ and fill out a police report and say it was a home invasion." Do they only care when someone gets injured or whacked? I really wonder where the priorities of law enforcement are. To me it's seems like lazy investigation...this is important shit!
  • Neighbors don't give a fuck. So after it happened I wandered around to do my own investigation. I tried to see if anyone else had cameras and a few actually did. One neighbor has a doorbell camera that should've recorded stuff as long as they had that area labeled for motion. It took a few days to get a hold of the guy, but then when I inquired about the video when I was face-to-face, he just nonchalantly said there wasn't anything. WTF! Give me something...anything and I'll peruse through the data like a cartoon sluth dog with a monocle. Ironically I bought a similar "Ring" doorbell camera the next day and man, that thing records clips like crazy. Either his camera model sucks, he has very bad motion areas specified, or he was lazy and didn't want help. Either way, I had no data that just pisses me off even more because I know there is information out there...
  • Insurance. I'm still working with my homeowner's insurance company to get things sorted, but my initial payment was fair. We'll see if they come through with the replacement costs. In a nutshell I would recommend everyone to review their policy with a person on the phone to answer any questions. We got jacked on the jewelry and I'm sure they have other subcategories that have maximums like firearms or computer/electronic equipment. Now my rates will go up for like 5 years, so yeah that will blow.
  • Get a dog, alarms, and a camera system. I've been madly shopping for 2 of the 3. No woggy for me sadly :-( But yeah more reviews will be incoming after I get various systems in place. The cameras are for piece of mind (Cell phone push alerts) and the alarm is to make an annoying noise to hopefully scare off any intruders vs them taking their sweet time wandering around the house. The alarm systems can call the cops, and all but again, look above on my thoughts on that. Fucking 6-hour response time...
  • In terms of what was lost, just know that you should secure what can't be replaced or would be super hard to. Yeah I went and got a grandma-era safe deposit box the very next day. In order to rebuild your identity you need your birth certificate, passport, SS card, other special documents, and all your digital files/passwords. Because of this I would recommend everyone Bitlocker your primary C drive on your computer/laptop. This way if it ever gets nabbed, the HDD is totally locked down. No stripping it out to access...your data is protected.
So yeah that has been my wonderful last month. Ironically the day it happened I got my teeth cleaned at the dentist and ya know what? Ever since then my jaw has hurt on one side and I think I've been grinding my teeth a lot more. I'm sure the experience inadvertently jacked with my psyche in some invisible way. People suck, Vegas sucks, and an unknown construction worker who was teamed in building the house across from mine also sucks since I'm sure it was one of them. The timing of having my house cased, them working on the house every morning and afternoon for the last 3 months, then the opposing house being finished just weeks ago was way too fishy to be a timing coincidence.