Sunday, September 24, 2017

Excalibur Show

So ever since I was a kid I always heard of this show that had horses, knights, and jousting down in Vegas. Of course I never got to go since my parents weren't into that sort of thing...entertaining kids and all...but yeah. I researched this a while ago and these days the show is called Tournament of Kings. Since I now live Vegas, I thought it would be a nice evening to see if this show was any good.

To quickly summarize it, if I were 10 or so, I would've been super impressed with the show, but now since I'm way older, not so much. It had a juvenile story and was quite bland, but the reason is probably because I'm like most middle-aged folks in the world and, "I've already seen way too much shit in my day". I would rather see a musical theater production because that's kinda like watching a movie. This was just an odd form of entertainment and for the kiddies of course. Anyway, you can't really blame the production or anything as it was fine; just not my cup of tea.

I think the most memorable part of the whole thing was when I was making my ticket reservations.

Me: "So what's for dinner on the menu? I heard it's a big-ass chicken with some soup and bread but no utensils"?
Rep: "Yeah you get some of that stuff, but about that chicken, it's more the size of a cornish hen".
Me: "Ah...a cornish hen...that's much smaller than a regular it an actual cornish hen then"?
Rep: "Yeah, it's a cornish hen".

And a dry, non-seasoned plain-ass cornish hen it was. All of the food actually tasted horrible and artificial, sorta like airplane food. How they pulled that off in a Vegas casino is baffling, but I'm sure they weren't looking to give the customers casino buffet quality food...sigh.

I did enjoy the rowdy-ass Irish folks from Ireland who were really getting into the show and talking mad shit, but perhaps they were just overly patriotic...or just overly drunk which they were.