Thursday, June 08, 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda (3rd Person Shooter PC Game 2017)

Maybe it's just the old age talking, but my fondness of games has totally dwindled over this past decade. Where the hell did the fun games go? I suppose some experiences here and there are still enjoyable, but for the most part I find myself bored to death almost immediately after starting a new one.

This 4th iteration in the Mass Effect series sure didn't help that despondent outlook regarding how this one was the worst out of the bunch.

A lot of the reviews were correct...something felt really off about this game. It was sorta like Bioware wasn't involved anymore or perhaps it had something to do with EA and their BS that has been tanking many IPs over the past half-decade or so.

The game was poorly written, the combat had a crappier feel, and the story and all the characters were super uninteresting. It did feel like a copy-paste with regards to locations, baddies, guns, and boss battles. The old school Mass Effect games all had an excellent story, good characters, good 'pals' to adventure with, and an overall immersive universe. It wasn't about what you were doing but more about the experience, just like playing in a movie. Andromeda felt like a boring-ass cardboard game. I mean how can you make all of the NPC characters so uninteresting? Who approved that? Why wasn't there any good voice acting to try to backup the terrible animations? Yeah, it really was that bad. After I was probably half-way through the game, I got so frustrated that I just rolled through the main quests and finished the whole thing. Very anticlimactic and short.

I'm pondering selling off my 1060 GTX Video Card in protest because there is nothing fun worth playing on the horizon and this was such a disappointment. They should really stop making more Mass Effect games if this new direction is going to stick. Papa wants his money back.
Rating - Low