Thursday, May 25, 2017

Alien: Covenant (Sci-Fi 2017)

Gotta enjoy your neighborhood Alien movie whenever you can get some. It is very hard to live up to the 1980s Ripley though. This one was the pseudo-continuation of Prometheus and unfortunately for Covenant, the latter was a better film. I liked the whole mystery and unanswered questions from Prometheus, and although this one had its fair share of unanswered stuff or information that could've been elaborated upon, the main core plot was too simple and I just didn't like it.

But for a summer film this was OK. I wanted it to be better but it is what it is and that's still fine. I've seen much worse in my day.
Rating - B

Sicario (Crime Drama 2015)

This was one of those slower crime drama films but this time set in AZ/Mexico. Think of old school Heat and that's the pace we're talking about with character and plot development. I think this movie was overall an OK flick, but it lacked the excitement that I'm used to. If you watch this when you're even remotely sleepy, you'll probably pass out because there are plenty of slow parts. Acting was solid and it didn't have any real flaws other than its pace.
Rating - B

Monday, May 08, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Action 2017)

I think this movie was better than the first one. I certainly enjoyed the banter much more than the original. The movie was just more of the same but that 'more' can be seen as a good, mindless fun. This is totally one of those films where you turn off your brain and just watch for some humor and silliness. The story itself probably wasn't as good as the first but the situational dialog made up for it.
Rating - B