Monday, February 27, 2017

Hidden Figures (Drama 2016)

I got to get a TV or something since I didn't even know that this movie was a thing before hearing about it at work. This one followed the life of 3 NASA workers who so happened to be black women during the Civil Rights Era in the US. Interesting premise and base for a story...let's continue.

So everything you'd expect from a plot like this is exactly what you'll receive. Lots of racism, workplace issues, gender issues, etc. It does suck that peeps had to go through all of these hardships even though they were all educated and fairly smart in Math/Physics. The whole segregated bathroom thing would've drove me bonkers.

Although this movie was generally good, two scenes really stood out that sorta bothered me. In one scene Taraji P. Henson exploded to her super when questioned about her whereabouts. I thought this whole scene was poignant, yet way too overacted since a real person back in the day in this type of work environment wouldn't have done that and had gotten away with it. Hell nobody would get away with it these days even if the super was somehow in the wrong, so the fact that she did that and was able to keep her job was astounding and unbelievable.

The second scene was when another character was caught running jobs on a newly-installed IBM mainframe. This is a blatant breach of physical IT Security and I also don't think that would be tolerated in a government facility back in the day. I get how you gotta stretch a little to get things done, but no way should a person be rewarded for tinkering with, making punch cards, and running programs with Fortran without prior authorization. I get it...she would never have been given the chance to prove herself or display her skill because of the time/era and her race/gender, but was the wrong move and would totally get you axed from a position in the real world.

I'm guessing those scenes can be categorized into Hollywood sensationalism in order to tell a story, but yeah I think they could've handled it a bit better and in a more believable fashion. Nevertheless, the movie was good and the end felt a bit like Apollo 13, minus the epic music.
Rating - B