Saturday, January 21, 2017

Huawei Honor 5x

So earlier this month I started having problems with my Galaxy S6 and incorrectly assumed that it was going bad. Long story short with that chestnut, there seems to be a pesky "Enhanced LTE Services" setting that appeared after a recent software update that will jack up regular calls and prevent you from hearing the other end. If you turn off the feature under "Mobile Data", all will go back to normal.

But anyways, I thought my phone was dying so I rush researched something cheap to get me by. I picked this Honor 5x since it had some good reviews online, but bueno for me. I only owned the phone for 2 days before returning it but here are the things I noticed.

Cheap - For under $200 on Amazon it's a fairly good price, but after looking more, the newest OnePlus is only a bit more expensive and probably a lot faster.

Battery Life - During my use it did drain much slower than the S6. Still in the 70s-80s after a whole day at work.

Fingerprint Scanner - This was very quick and snappy, better than the S6.

Speed - If you're used to flagship phones and their speed, don't even bother. This phone is slow booting up and all the apps very slow; it's quite noticeable.

Push Notification - You have to turn "on" Push for some apps like Outlook under a totally different power-setting area since the software is dumb. The OS defaults to a power-saving setting which is almost unheard of.

Wifi Bands - It doesn't have the AC 5GHz wireless Wifi band, so you'll be stuck using the old school/slower connection.

The phone was OK but it was too putt putt for my tastes. It was also 5.5in and I discovered that I really didn't like the size. I'm a 5in screen type of guy. Not too big, not too small. I should just suck it up and pay for the extravagantly overpriced Pixel then switch over to Google Fi for service. But I still got a few more months left on my last AT&T contract. They're raising prices on the unlimited plan again as well so fuck 'em.