Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Snowden (Drama 2016)

Pretty interesting movie here. Oliver Stone did a nice job directing this one. Flow was good, character development was on par, and yeah overall it was well done.

Since it was based on the real person, I just have to say that the guy seems like an ultra-idealist type of person to do all this jazz just to reveal that we're getting spied on. I think most peeps already know this and any way you look at it, not a lot can be done to stop the machine. One thing's for damn sure though; the things that make a person get up in the morning differ quite a bit; he had such a cush gig before he made his move. But yeah if you ever watch any videos of this dude talking in real life, you can tell in a second that he's pretty smart and articulate. I like how the media tried to portray him in a way different light when things first hit.
Rating - B