Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Sci-Fi Action 2016)

I took a day off work to watch this movie. That should tell you something right there, but not really. I needed to burn off PTO hours since my company doesn't let you bank time.

Let's get to it though. This movie was friggin' fantastic. It was MUCH better than The Force Awakens and totally destroys Episodes 1-3. The film had such a grittier and darker direction that it felt really odd that it was a Star Wars film.

I found myself paying attention to the music and one character played by Diego Luna. I thought his acting was above par. Everyone else's was OK but there was something more real about this character. The music was very had its own melody throughout most of it, but then when the screen action needed it, the orchestra would inject chords from the regular SW theme in a very powerful way. The ending soundtrack was very dramatic and totally matched up with the action on screen.

The jokes and dialog were good, but not over the top like The Force Awakens had going on for it. This way it seemed to be grounded with a more serious undertone vs the campiness of Episode VII. Again, I really liked this movie...I want to see it again with the music going at full blast to see if it's still as good the second time around. But for now it's definitely a watch.
Rating - A+