Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Hacksaw Ridge (War Drama 2016)

I'm usually a big fan of war films, but something about this movie didn't really click with me. The development of the primary character was done well but I think I was just as annoyed as many of the folks on screen regarding this guy's morals and ethics. It seemed super misplaced and kinda preachy.

Since it was based on a true story and all, kudos to having balls and saving lives, but still...something about this character bothered me to the extent that I would have a problem with the guy in real life. People who think they are 100% right in any topic usually have some very important screws loose; I tend to avoid these types of folks.

The film wasn't as dramatic as the trailer made it out to be and it seemed a bit short as well. I found it unbalanced and way too concentrated on the primary so I wouldn't recommend it.
Rating - C