Saturday, December 03, 2016

Battlefield 1 (PC FPS 2016)

It has been quite a few years since I've had a gaming rig to play on. After recently building one again, I do have to say that I have the crappiest bad luck when it comes to picking stuff out. I had a choice of picking among the top 3 FPSs of the year and I chose the shittest one...great odds.

What got me was the trailer and the great music that went along with it. I did watch reviews but I dunno why I just picked wrong. The game is reminescent of Planetside 2 in that you die a lot and you never get to really see the person who takes you out. The mechanics are crap and I know the flow of this game isn't something I like. You die a lot in this game and none of it makes much sense. If you go head-to-head with some other dude, you get owned really quickly even though you're unloading on them just as fast. Sure, I get how SMGs and shotguns are better at close range and all, but more often than not it seems rigged in some way. Maybe it has something to do with the leveling system?

One other thing is that the aiming is really crappy. You can have a mob right in your sights, take a shot, and it won't even register a hit. There's bullet drop on sniper rifles, but the rate of misses is plain rediculous.

Overall the main, single-player campaign is short but decent. It does a good job introducing the player to the game but it's not worth buying just for that. Graphics are good and modern, but gameplay mechanics suck. Just get ready to get totally owned unless you're playing with friends in a squad...if no communication is going on you'll get ran over. Solo multiplayer is shit.
Rating - Mid