Friday, December 30, 2016

La La Land (Musical Drama 2016)

Wow, such a good movie. I wouldn't think I'd like musicals since it was never my thing. I saw a few of them in college, and they were only okay, but film takes the genre to a whole new level.

Everything about this movie was very well done. The songs were not intrusive, catchy, and synced up directly with the plot. The story was a solid relationship-based one and all of the good music just added to the mix. The ending could've been taken in a few directions but I'm glad the writer and director handled it the way they did; anything else may have caused the film to go into tacky-land, but it didn't. I think the two primary actors did a great job, but especially Emma Stone and her facial expressions. No complaints; I thoroughly enjoyed watching this.
Rating - A+

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Sci-Fi Action 2016)

I took a day off work to watch this movie. That should tell you something right there, but not really. I needed to burn off PTO hours since my company doesn't let you bank time.

Let's get to it though. This movie was friggin' fantastic. It was MUCH better than The Force Awakens and totally destroys Episodes 1-3. The film had such a grittier and darker direction that it felt really odd that it was a Star Wars film.

I found myself paying attention to the music and one character played by Diego Luna. I thought his acting was above par. Everyone else's was OK but there was something more real about this character. The music was very had its own melody throughout most of it, but then when the screen action needed it, the orchestra would inject chords from the regular SW theme in a very powerful way. The ending soundtrack was very dramatic and totally matched up with the action on screen.

The jokes and dialog were good, but not over the top like The Force Awakens had going on for it. This way it seemed to be grounded with a more serious undertone vs the campiness of Episode VII. Again, I really liked this movie...I want to see it again with the music going at full blast to see if it's still as good the second time around. But for now it's definitely a watch.
Rating - A+

Deepwater Horizon (Drama 2016)

This movie was OK for one of those historical disaster ones, but it really didn't have much of a story. It was just like what you'd expect: a movie about the disaster while giving more detail to one of the characters.

I think it would've been better suited for a short film vs a feature-length one because nothing really happened in it plot-wise. I guess the same thing could be said about Sully, but for some reason that movie seemed to have more of a story because it dig more into the pilot's mindset.
Rating - C

Friday, December 16, 2016

Titanfall 2 (FPS PC Game 2016)

So after being disappointed with BF1, I bought this game during the winter sale to see if my gaming days could be salvaged. Unfortunately no good news is coming from that section as my ability to have fun with PC gaming seems to be going downhill.

The single-player campaign was quite good but a bit short. I do like killing AI vs. going against real peeps. The multiplayer is OK but it just isn't fun. This is because of 2 reasons: The first is that you get matched with some elite folks who play a lot so they all have mad skills and wipe the floor with you. I have yet to be randomly matched with other mid-range players, so dying has become a part of life. The second reason is that everyone moves way too fast. I know I'm getting older and my reaction time is totally not what it used to be but holy shit, all of the other pilots are jumpy little gummy bears who have no problem spinning in mid-air and tagging you. I can't tell you how many times I've been aced from the rear...I hear nothing, see nothing, and I just die. Not sure why I can't be on the other side of that. I have rarely ever gotten the jump on anyone.

One part of buying this game was that the original Titanfall had a PvE Coop mode, but this one doesn't have one or at least a map of this sort hasn't been released yet; frustrating since the only option is to wait in line for a match just to get pwned by way better players while waiting for a DLC.
Rating - Mid

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Inferno (Suspense Drama 2016)

This movie wasn't good. A long time ago I watched The Da Vinci Code and that movie was so much better. Pacing was better even though both tried to be pretty swift. This movie was all over the place from the beginning and it seems to just be a convoluted mess. It probably took more energy to organize the logistics of all of the scenes based in famous European places.

There's a very distinct reason why this movie didn't last very long in the theaters. Tom Hanks needs to go with different roles; kinda like how Matt Damon needs to stop being Borune.

Snowden (Drama 2016)

Pretty interesting movie here. Oliver Stone did a nice job directing this one. Flow was good, character development was on par, and yeah overall it was well done.

Since it was based on the real person, I just have to say that the guy seems like an ultra-idealist type of person to do all this jazz just to reveal that we're getting spied on. I think most peeps already know this and any way you look at it, not a lot can be done to stop the machine. One thing's for damn sure though; the things that make a person get up in the morning differ quite a bit; he had such a cush gig before he made his move. But yeah if you ever watch any videos of this dude talking in real life, you can tell in a second that he's pretty smart and articulate. I like how the media tried to portray him in a way different light when things first hit.
Rating - B

Bad Moms (Comedy 2016)

As expected, this movie sucked pretty bad. A few of the lines were OK and entertaining but the vast majority of the whole movie was lame. This is totally one of those forgettable films that will get dumped off into the bargin bin at Wally World.
Rating - D

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Hacksaw Ridge (War Drama 2016)

I'm usually a big fan of war films, but something about this movie didn't really click with me. The development of the primary character was done well but I think I was just as annoyed as many of the folks on screen regarding this guy's morals and ethics. It seemed super misplaced and kinda preachy.

Since it was based on a true story and all, kudos to having balls and saving lives, but still...something about this character bothered me to the extent that I would have a problem with the guy in real life. People who think they are 100% right in any topic usually have some very important screws loose; I tend to avoid these types of folks.

The film wasn't as dramatic as the trailer made it out to be and it seemed a bit short as well. I found it unbalanced and way too concentrated on the primary so I wouldn't recommend it.
Rating - C

Sausage Party (Animated Comedy 2016)

The beginning of this movie was kinda funny and made me laugh a few times, but soon afterwards it went downhill and turned into a dud. Not sure what happened but the story itself was lame so watching these talking food items plod along saying the same types of jokes just got old.

I think someone could edit down all the funny parts into a longish trailer and you'd get the same level of enjoyment from only 5 min of investment.
Rating - D

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Battlefield 1 (PC FPS 2016)

It has been quite a few years since I've had a gaming rig to play on. After recently building one again, I do have to say that I have the crappiest bad luck when it comes to picking stuff out. I had a choice of picking among the top 3 FPSs of the year and I chose the shittest one...great odds.

What got me was the trailer and the great music that went along with it. I did watch reviews but I dunno why I just picked wrong. The game is reminescent of Planetside 2 in that you die a lot and you never get to really see the person who takes you out. The mechanics are crap and I know the flow of this game isn't something I like. You die a lot in this game and none of it makes much sense. If you go head-to-head with some other dude, you get owned really quickly even though you're unloading on them just as fast. Sure, I get how SMGs and shotguns are better at close range and all, but more often than not it seems rigged in some way. Maybe it has something to do with the leveling system?

One other thing is that the aiming is really crappy. You can have a mob right in your sights, take a shot, and it won't even register a hit. There's bullet drop on sniper rifles, but the rate of misses is plain rediculous.

Overall the main, single-player campaign is short but decent. It does a good job introducing the player to the game but it's not worth buying just for that. Graphics are good and modern, but gameplay mechanics suck. Just get ready to get totally owned unless you're playing with friends in a squad...if no communication is going on you'll get ran over. Solo multiplayer is shit.
Rating - Mid