Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ever Heard of Soylent?

So a few years ago I heard that a group of peeps were trying to make a power-based mixture that would replace the need to eat food since each package would contain all the necessary ingredients to sustain life in a dietary form. This peaked my curiosity since who wouldn't want to just quickly drink a liquid instead of eating? Fast forward to 2016 where I bought a pack to try out for a week.

I'll just quickly summarize that it was kinda nasty. Do you know that feeling when you tried V8 for the first time? Yeah the feeling that this stuff gives you is like that; just sorta wrong. I could not get used to the consistency and flavor of the product to eat it everyday for every meal. Was I able to get away from eating occasional meals and just sip on a mixture of this? Yes, but sparingly. Sometimes I really didn't know what I wanted to eat so I just drank this stuff and continued on my day, but other times I really wanted to eat x, y, or z so I went out like a normal person. Did I lose any weight? Kinda, yes. One week is too short of a time to really evaluate the weight loss potential of a new food source, but I think it was more "base" in terms of nutrition and what was inside of the package so that cleared out a lot of filler that is normally in food.

So in a nutshell if/when they ever create a cheap drink, like in a soda-sized container, where you can just grab one vs making a large, one-week amount from a powder, then it may be worth it. Don't feel like going out to eat for lunch? Just grab one of these, drink it, drink water or soda to flush out the aftertaste, and continue on with your day. But yeah you really need to be in the 'I don't care' mood or else your memory of what this tastes like will affect that decision to just grab a burger instead of being lazy.