Monday, October 03, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Action 2016)

It has been a while since a comic book movie has tanked this bad, but every summer has to have its share of flops, right? Many months ago I read online that this movie sucked, and these days the Internet is probably right since so many peoples' opinions usually merge to become this glob rating that seems to stick.

This movie wasn't good. It didn't super suck, but man it shouldn't be considered a movie. It was a compilation of many random scenes shoved together to kinda create a story, but nothing really flowed like a real plot should. I'd even venture to say that it felt like a short story or even a graphic novel comic. Some of the content in the film was totally geared towards preparing the audience for the eventual spinoffs like Aquaman and Wonder Woman. This isn't bad per se, but it seems sorta lame to directly build it into a film, just like a hidden marketing ploy.

Anyway, this one wasn't worth a watch at all. I would've rather have taken a nap and caught up on sleep.
Rating - D