Sunday, June 26, 2016

Warcraft: The Beginning (Fantasy 2016)

For a film that was based on an computer/MMO video game, it really wasn't half bad. The intro story and CGI were both very impressive, but as the plot plodded along, the rest of it became kinda repetitive and not as cool. Still this was much better than any other early 90s video game movie such as Super Mario Bros. or Street Fighter.

The plot started during the time of the very early Warcraft universe back before Tides of Darkness, so a lot of the WOW stuff is still yet to come assuming that they proceed forward with this movie franchise.

Either way, it was impressive for what it was, but as a standalone the plot still needs more work. Mainly, the need to abstain from purposely simplifying the lore just because the foundation is a video game and the main demographic is younger.
Rating - C