Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Jungle Book (Adventure 2016)

I don't remember the cartoon much even though I sorta recall a bunch of scenes with the bear. Go Disney for playing specific scenes over and over again to influence my childhood memories. As a standalone film this was actually not that bad though. CGI was quite realistic; even more than a really good PC game.

I didn't really care for Christopher Walken's giant baboon character, but thankfully he was only in one section of the movie. Most of the other scenes were entertaining enough and the whole plot moved pretty quickly. Yeah I was surprised that it was and OK film.
Rating - B

Deadpool (Action Comedy 2016)

So this movie was OK. It had lots of jokes and such, but since it concentrated too much on the witty, snarky remarks, the actual storyline suffered. And yes I know...how much of a storyline can one expect from a comic film, but I suppose I was expecting more even though I knew I wouldn't be getting it with this.

So yeah action and special effects were right about where they needed to be but the story was so forgettable. Not really sure why it got such high ratings.
Rating - C

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The End of the Tour (Drama 2015)

So this is one of those pseudo-intelligent films that follows around 2 writers; one non-successful one is tailing around a successful one during a book tour. It was a slow movie that focused on conversation rather than plot. I'm not sure if I liked it or not since it really wasn't entertaining, but I did understand what was going on.

I think most folks wouldn't like the movie since barely anything happened in it, but the main actor, Jason Segel, did do a good job portraying this kinda troubled author. I'm sure I might've missed the true purpose of the film, but as it stands, it was fair, just boring.
Rating - C

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Poldark (TV Series 2015)

Here's one of those BBC series that I used to think was dreadfully boring but instead I found myself clicking the next button a bunch of times after each episode finished up.

The story is about this British guy in the late 18th century who returns from the American Revolutionary War to his lands in England, as he was from a minor aristocratic family. He sets up shop and tries to get his life together and for some reason an interesting story formed around this premise.

The character struck me as sorta an ass, but sometimes he made some positive decisions so I suppose he was a good enough character to root for. I like the way these British folk form their sentences though...the dialog can get interesting and makes you feel like you're in a fancy library.

Again, I never thought I would enjoy a whole BBC series, but I guess that's what happens when you get older. Before you know it I might be donating to PBS...or not I'm too cheap for that.
Rating - High

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Bosch (TV Series 2014)

I usually don't review TV series' since I don't own a TV anymore, but since streaming had moved out of its adolescent phase, I find myself watching more shows while working out.

So what I do it watch the 1st episode of a lot of shows and see what sticks. It's funny how some shows totally draw you in from the get-go and so many others totally crash and die in a ditch someplace; luckily this show wasn't one of those.

From the first pilot episode I was hooked...the characters, feel, and continuous plotline were all quite good. I blasted through the whole 2 seasons without a second thought. Yeah its new to me that a TV series can truly have a continuous plot. Other past shows like ER or Firefly were kinda mini stories per episode but this show, along with others I've recently watched seriously had one long plot...sorta like watching a super long film.

Either way I would highly recommend this series to anyone who has time to burn.
Rating - High