Sunday, November 08, 2015

Extinction Edge (The Extinction Cycle Book 2) by Nicolas Sandbury Smith (Book 2015)

So after clearing out the first book of the series many months back, I finally got around to reading this second book. I'm glad that I did because now I remember what a good series this was.

This book wasn't like the other zombie books of the past; the mobs are genetically mutated humans and are fast. But the main positive is that the characters are believable, memorable, and not cardboard cutouts. Situations seem more raw and real and that adds to the positives.

This second book continued on with the story as the remaining Deltas have to go on missions from Command to try to retake key cities around the US from the mobs. The ending wasn't super suspenseful, but it did leave the reader wanting more. There are a few more books left, so I anticipate that they'll be just as engaging as the first two.
Rating - High