Sunday, October 18, 2015

Reasons Why Las Vegas Sucks

Here's a random picture of a limo driver finishing up his attempt at shoving a huge, expensive beanbag into the trunk. Obviously the clients are out-of-towners and rich.

So I've been living in Vegas for about 2 months now and I'm still very much not impressed with this place. It has a better variety of shops and eating establishments, but so does any larger city. I've visited many cities in my day and this one is still one of the worst. I came here with an open mind and a non-judging attitude, but it's hard to find any positives as most things just suck. Let's go through some of the reasons why.

Water. The water here tastes really bad. Even pumping water through a Brita water filter 2x times, water still tastes nasty and is super questionable to drink. So now my expenses go up because I have to buy other liquid refreshments or those large multi-gallon jugs of water.

Drivers. The drivers here are fucking assholes. Every single one of them. If you're on a freeway and make a turn signal, expect for that gap to be bum-rushed by some punk within 1.5 seconds. It's like white on rice man...super fast like they're on crack. And to top it off, they will pull one of those accelerate fast, just to brake hard a few seconds later as to not run into the person in front of them. Why the fuck do you need to fill that gap so fast? People used to talk about crazy Cali drivers, but what I noticed after driving in Cali, there is a concept called 'flow of traffic' where packs of cars enjoy driving at the same speed...may that be 75mph or 90mph. These roving packs will wander through the freeway, but they might seem crazy to slower drivers even though they're just trying to maintain their set pack speed. In Vegas there isn't a pack mentality, it's totally solo so you have one asshole there or one asshole here who is totally driving fast just to brake like a bitch because they're cornered in. Additionally, if you try to change lanes on surface streets, nobody will let you in, and I mean nobody. Turn signal or not, everyone will accelerate to block you, especially on the strip. So really the only thing you can do is cut people off and hope they don't shoot you.

People. A very large percentage of people here are standoffish pricks. I’d say that 97% of my interaction with folks have been pretty negative. This can be anyone from a neighbor, waiter, HOA rep, medical worker, salesman, security person, retail employee, etc. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or if you're a direct customer or not, you’ll get treated very coldly and with a total lack of care. What I really don’t get is why people like waiters and service industry folks are like this. I go to work to get tips. All I want is normal service with no attitude. If I get bad service and an attitude, you get $1 as a tip or nothing at all. Who wins here? Nobody, since the customer is unhappy and the server gets no money. Straight up...go to another city/state to see how other waiters are supposed to behave.

Hustle. Everyone always seems to want to take advantage of you in some way. May that be your standard upsell, or a medical professional recommending something unnecessary. If somebody outside of work is talking to you, they’re trying to get something from you. And the weird thing is that they don’t even try to be nice to you when trying to hustle. (See People above)

Prices. I guess this is dependent on the city, but it does seems like you're paying $5-$8 extra for everything food-related. I’m always blowing around $15 everyday at lunch for the same quality of food that should cost around $8-10. Maybe it’s a tax thing, but yeah very lame.

DMV. The DMV here sucks as they lost my registration tags twice. WTF’s not that hard to have an automated system mail out the damn tags. On top of this, I’ve heard that you can go to the DMV at the ass crack of dawn to wait in line and essentially spend all day there and STILL not get your business done because they are so slow. It’s not that hard to be really isn’t.

UPS. The UPS man will throw packages onto my balcony as opposed to just leaving them next to my door. Sure, the door in my complex is like a hotel door, but I get a lot less traffic near my door vs the number of random asshats that pass by my balcony. UPS man: You are a lazy fuck.

In the end, remember Ghostbusters II where Vigo, the 'Scourge of Carpathia', is totally growing in power because of the pink slime powered by the negativity of the city? Well lemme tell ya, NYC has nothing on Vegas. Vegas is filled with HS graduates and dropouts who somehow made a living doing the bare minimum.

The Atlantis Ship: A Space Opera Novel (A Carson Mach Adventure) by A.C. Hadfield (Book 2015)

This first installment of the series was OK, but nothing to write home about. The characters were fairly bland, even though the author tried to make it into a Firefly type of environment.

The story was fair...your random band of freelancers, who used to know each other a long time ago, going on a mission to find and capture a mystery ship. It was a decent premise but in the end very forgettable. If I liked the characters more I would continue reading this series, but as it stands, there are probably better space operas out there.
Rating - Mid

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hawk Seven (Flight of the Hawk Book 4) by Robert Little (Book 2011)

"Never judge a book by its cover", or so the saying goes, but it's so true as this book falls into that category. Although the cover is very plain Jane, it was actually a very long and very well written space opera.

The book followed around a budding Space Navy Lieutenant and his fellow officer friend as they are thrust into a war instigated by an unknown species. Yes, this base plot always seems to be the foundation of every space opera I read, but for some reason it never gets old. As long as the characters are personable and the story flows well, I'll read it.

The plot in this one was good, it had a solid set of characters, and it was a very enjoyable experience overall. I liked it a lot, as it will definitely go into the memory banks as a good read that was worth the time.
Rating - High