Sunday, September 06, 2015

Hammer of God by Greig Beck (Book 2015)

This new book from Greig Beck was decent, but I think some of his older novels were a tad better. The whole story seemed a bit rushed and didn't go as in-depth as I would've liked it to.

The story followed around Alex and his team as they searched to find and stop the source of various nukings which had occurred in the Middle East. Nice initial backdrop, but then the plot went too fast and didn't seem to have time to naturally develop and marinate. The team pretty much went into two locations and then bam, the book was finished.

One thing I noticed that was missing was a deeper back-story to go along with the main antagonist. If you read Beneath the Dark Ice and Gorgon, both stories had multiple flashback scenes which I always felt added so much more depth to the main plot. I don't think there was even one of these flashbacks in this book.

The positives are still there of course, Greig's writing always flows so well that I can never put down one of his books until I've finished the whole thing; I just wish it was longer. So yes, unfortunately this one gets categorized with Black Mountain, another book that could've been so much better if more detail was put into the 'mystery' characters.
Rating - Mid