Thursday, August 27, 2015


Too bad I didn't have a fast recording device like a smartwatch so that I could give myself reminders of things to write about. There were so many issues I had with the move and I know I'll miss a lot of important points but oh well. Here is a list of things that suck about moving that one should really keep in mind.
  1. Either rent an apartment or buy a house. It's totally not worth any sort of hassle to deal with a condo HOA and a property management company at the same's double the trouble.
  2. Sell your shit before you move but don't go overboard. In our case we liquidated a ton of stuff, but when we got here, we lacked enough real desks to setup a workstation...that and this city has no Ikea so it'll be a while until we find cheap desks.
  3. Call to setup Internet much earlier so that you can have a connection when you arrive. Note that Cox Communications sucks ass and you have to manually call them to give them your MAC address. Their whole process is bonkers and doesn't work without proactively calling them up. It could've been 100% automated but they're just punks.
  4. Have a few buckets of cleaning supplies ready because you'll be cleaning like a mofo because you can never trust old tenants.
  5. Forward mail earlier so that you won't have any last minute pieces of mail that get lost in the shuffle.
  6. Try to make it so that you have a few days (weekends and weekdays) off before you start work so that you can make phone calls to utility companies if need be.
  7. Hire random movers to assist since it's so friggin' exhausting to load/unload a uhaul.
  8. For us an old school uhaul was cheaper than any other option...that and the whole upack thing only can be done from some areas to some areas...hopefully your source and destination are not on the blacklist.
  9. In the end, try not to move because holy bueno. I felt myself age a few years just from one moving session.