Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Brothers in Valor (Man of War Book 3) by H. Paul Honsinger (Book 2015)

This third book to the series was OK, but something was definitely missing. I think it was because it dragged on quite a bit and was also overly descriptive at unnecessary points in the story. The author did a fair amount of reintroduction of characters from the previous two books so the reader could be reacquainted with the setting, so this was convenient.

The core of the story remained the same though, as the Captain and his crew battle the main rat baddies in this universe. It did seem a bit short plot-wise and the ending was "eh", but at least there will most likely be another book.

I think the main thing I didn't like was that throughout most of the series, the captain was able to overcome many death defying situations with his wit and strategy, but then all of a sudden he had nothing up his sleeve. It's like a person scoring over 105% on many tests but then out of the blue they get a 10%. No 80%, 62%, and nothing else in between. This unevenness seems out of place within this Man of War setting...
Rating - Mid