Sunday, June 07, 2015

The Age of Adaline (Romantic Drama 2015)

This film was surprisingly good. It was about a chick who was born in the early 20th century, got into a freak accident, and stopped aging. It didn't go too deep into how she managed to survive on illegitimate papers and such, but that's OK. We'll assume she winged it for a century.

The story, of course, concentrated on the main character and her involvement with a present-day gent. That allowed for the plot to move forward, but I would've liked to not have the dude in it, and instead have more of the story follow around the main character through the decades. The gold star goes out to the acting itself, because I thought it was superb. Although I haven't seen this Blake Lively person in anything else, I thought that she did a fantastic job portraying a 100+ year old lady in the body of a late 20s chica...very elegant and intelligent with 1930s feel to it.

Of course the choice of words, mannerisms, and clothing assisted in "making" the character, I thought it was a cool combination. So yeah, not to go into too much detail, the movie was good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not game with all of the romantic stuff since there didn't seem to be that much natural chemistry between Lively's character and the main dude, but I did like the music and how the story was conveyed.
Rating - A