Sunday, June 14, 2015

Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia (Book 2009)

This was an excellent book that starts off a new series for me. This first one was free and it certainly did its job in making me want to read more.

The plot follows around an average, everyday accountant who suddenly gets attacked by a werewolf. The setting is our world where monsters aren't supposed to exist, so after this event the main character comes to the realization that monsters do exist, the government knows about it, and a secret group of hunters go around and eliminate said monsters for bounty money. Just picture MIB for a general layout.

The story in this book was not short and not superficial. It had many twists and turns and it continued to build up the main character and all of his buddies. Very good plot and a nice, thorough novel. It had a bunch of detail and was exciting to boot. So if you want to read about mercs hunting down monsters while keeping their existence on the dl, then this may be your cup of tea.
Rating - High