Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Extinction Horizon (The Extinction Cycle Book 1) by Nicolas Sandbury Smith (Book 2014)

So I found this book randomly on Amazon one day when it went on sale for $.99. Got lucky this time as the book turned out to be pretty good. It reminded me of the Arisen series, but better because that series seemed to drag a lot.

This book followed around a small squad of Deltas as they battle not zombies, but an accidental bioweapon creation that was very contagious and spread around the planet. The baddies are fast and mutated, so yeah it adds to the story in that it's not your average, slow mob.

The writing was good, but not super spectacular compared to some of the Sci-Fi books I've been reading, but it wasn't generic writing either which is a plus. Hopefully the next few books will have more of a robust story and more character development. One good thing is that people are dropping like flies vs having Rambo-like soldiers; go realism!
Rating - High