Friday, May 22, 2015

Escape: The First Omnibus WTF I-III by W.J. Lundy (Book 2014)

This was a pretty good start to a new series. It's a fast zombie book that follows around a bunch of military folks as the escape Afghanistan after the fall and try to get back to the US. The author is a soldier so it's interesting to read about small details here and there that would not be possible without a bunch of research or experiencing both the exciting and mundane parts of being the the military.

This book was actually a combination of the first 3 books. There are currently 5 in the series as of the date of this review. I flew through all three with no pauses. Can't wait until I can get a hold of the last two. The story was sorta like a good adventure as the scenery and characters change, but the action stays consistent. Not many slow parts and definitely a lot of details to picture the whole thing. The fact that the group has a tangible goal allows for the story to progress quickly.
Rating - High