Monday, May 18, 2015

Cinderella (Disney Fantasy 2015)

Since everyone already knows the story, I didn't feel the need to watch it, but the company I was keeping thought otherwise so I was forced to sit there and waste a few hours of my life.

Yeah this movie is called has the same story as Cinderella via a main character named Cinderella. They changed nothing and somehow still managed to make some money; foolish consumers.

There was nothing really good or bad about this film. It copied the old school cartoon and put real actors in it. I'd wager to say that the cartoon was better since unnecessary remakes are just that, unnecessary. This movie also had no songs; I remember the original had singing mice. Hey Disney, do you know why Frozen took off and made you a shitload of money? That's right...songs. Stop wasting time on these nonsense live action films and get back to animation and music.
Rating - C