Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Chappie (Sci-Fi 2015)

Yeah this movie was a mix of District 9, Robocop, and Short Circuit. Friggin' weird combination that totally didn't work because of the linear story and crappy acting, but nice concept I suppose.

The movie followed around this police robot that got new firmware uploaded to it and that code somehow created sentient life. The idea totally goes beyond regular AI programming since that much 'learning' in digital format would require a shit-ton more storage and processing, but yeah, let's just run with it. It took the Short Circuit theme of a robot developing through experiences and interactions and it even had a de facto Indian programmer as the creator. The main baddie was a mech called Moose that looked very similar to Ed 209; sigh, need I say more?

The idea was cool, but again, it has already been done. Mixing all of these stolen ideas from previous movies doesn't make it better. That is like me mixing some Ninja Turtles on Captain Jack Sparrow's ship and then shoving them into an Avatar plot...WTF would that ungodly mess turn into? One thing that totally annoyed me was how they tried to portray an average hooligan or punk. Not sure why it struck a cord, but damn was it fake and over-done.
Rating - D