Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pulse by Jeremy Robinson (Book 2010)

Well color me surprised. On a recommendation from a colleague, I put this book on the list and finally got to it last week. I was a bit wary of this author because of the inconsistent quality of two other novels he wrote before.

This book seemed to be a better version of the Dane Maddox series of stories by David Wood. I liked this series a bit better, as the characters were more interesting and the plot and background was more descriptive. Jeremy's story-telling ability in this book was a phenomenal improvement over Island 731 and Raising the Past. Ironically this book was an earlier work which means that his writing has gotten worse over time? Odd. I'll look forward to seeing if other books in this series can measure up to this one.

But yeah the story took an old, historical myth, built a fictional plot around it, and took the reader on a pretty exciting thrill ride. I enjoyed the whole thing and am pretty jazzed to read more.
Rating - High