Sunday, April 12, 2015

King of Thieves (Odyssey One: Star Rogue) by Evan Currie (Book 2015)

I'm generally a fan of Evan Currie's books, but this one seemed to lack the spark that got me into his Odyssey One series. This book had a new captain, new ship, and a whole host of new characters, for the most part. Instead of a full-blown exploration plot, it centered around a newly discovered moon that was an uninteresting as they come.

The story reminds me of one of those movies where in the beginning the options are limitless for something great, but instead of doing something cool, the producers decide to cheap out and force the characters to go through the motions in some horrible fixed location that is both unoriginal and uncompelling. In this story, the crew of this spaceship is stuck near a metal moon that is more-less hollow, but has several lab areas and some requisite space monsters.

Towards the end of the book, some details of the Swiss cheese plot were explained, but most were not. I'm sure all the loose ends will be expounded upon in the next few books of this series, but we'll see if I'm up for reading more about this baseline crew and their antics in space.
Rating - Mid