Monday, March 02, 2015

The Nelson Touch (Ark Royal Book 2) by Christopher Nuttall (Book 2014)

This was a fairly decent secondary book to the Ark Royal series. I read the first one a year or so ago, so I barely remember any of the characters or plot. Luckily the book dropped enough hints and references to get the reader back on track.

The story and characters were fair, but there's definitely a difference between authors' writing styles. Unfortunately this author isn't as good as others I've read recently. The plot still moved along, but you don't have a much of a connection to them. It's like watching a cartoon vs watching a real drama with actors. I found it interesting to read about a story where a British spaceship is taking the lead vs. that of an American ship...very different perspective.

Anyway, I'll finish up this series, but that will probably be it for me.
Rating - Mid