Saturday, March 07, 2015

Starship Blackbeard by Michael Wallace (Book 2014)

Compared to other space operas I'm reading, this one is lacking...a lot. There's barely a backstory, all of the characters are dull, and the main captain seems weak and indecisive.

The setting is odd in that it takes the names and empires from historical Earth, like the British and Dutch empires, and mixes them in with the forefront of space. This is combined with actual historical references such as the whole colonization period, the East India Company, slavery, and the triangle trade. It's interesting, but I would've rather liked the setting to be more original.

The book is fairly short, relatively speaking, and that may be why it seems so underdeveloped and superficial, but yeah I see where the whole plot is going and it isn't worth the time.
Rating - Low