Tuesday, March 31, 2015

American Sniper (War Drama 2014)

Yeah this movie wasn't as good as people touted it as being. It was well done for a war flick, following around one guy through his life as a SEAL, but I don't know why it was getting the levels of praise that it got.

First off let's just say that Bradley Cooper was very very good in this film. He totally should've gotten Best Actor for it. Screenplay, setting, and ambiance was also well done. The fact that they showed how the primary had problems dealing with regular life back in the US was also pretty good. One thing I didn't like, just because it didn't seem realistic, was that they had the primary calling his wife back in the US on a Satellite phone during firefights and other missions. I don't know if this is normally done, but it seemed like Hollywood to me. Additionally, all of the scenes with his wife in them was her complaining that he wasn't home and such. I'm sure this is what happens in real life when anyone is deployed, but something bothered me about it.

So yeah the movie was good, but it wasn't the greatest thing ever. Additionally it made this guy seem like a flawless hero, and although I think that he was probably a pretty cool dude and was also very good at his job, nobody is perfect and they tried to put him on a very big pedestal.
Rating - B