Sunday, February 01, 2015

Unbroken (War Drama 2014)

So this movie was OK, but it really wasn't as good as it was touted to be. The style was too 'light' with regards to the negative aspects of war. There was definitely a night/day difference between this film and something like Fury.

The movie told the story of an aviator in WWII who was shot down in the Pacific and then captured by the Japanese and held as a POW. He and others had to endure a lot of crap during their captivity and yeah that's it. When you look at movie-making it should've been a lot more raw, but it wasn't so that makes this movie very PG in terms of war flicks.

Nice story and all, and props to the real guy this film was based on, but as a movie it could've been so much more with a different director and screenplay.
Rating - B