Friday, January 23, 2015

To Honor You Call Us (Man of War Book 1) by H. Paul Honsinger (Book 2014)

I can't give this book enough props, it was awesome. If you ever read space opera stories because you secretly want to live vicariously through the naval officers on a space ship then this book is totally for you.

The author writes in a manner where you get deep into the mind of the main character as he tries to command his destroyer within the confines of a galactic war. It was a great read and I absolutely never got bored with it.

At times the primary seemed a bit too infallible though, but hopefully this doesn't become a pattern in the next books of the series. Again, usually sci-fi space operas concentrate on plot more than character development; but this book did the reverse, and it definitely created a workable equation for storytelling.
Rating - High