Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Skeleton Twins (Drama 2014)

This movie was another "eh" one, but it tried so hard to be so much more. It followed around two adult siblings after both try to off themselves on the same day. The dude is gay and has no apparent work/life skills while the chick is some passive, cheating ho. Other than showing how both peeps are sorta messed up and are in a dead-end town, I don't see the point of the story. Bill Hader did not do a good job in convincing me that he was gay and Kristen Wiig plays the same character in all her films...a mousy, insecure, weirdo type of middle-aged woman.

The film was a lame attempt at being artsy and/or being deeper than it truly was, and it failed for the attempt.
Rating - D