Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Fantasy Adventure 2014)

Man thankfully this was the last one. This is proof that people will try anything to milk a successful series to the last drop. We won't go into the fact that Peter Jackson stretched the original book into 3 long-ass movies, but he doesn't realize that just adding longer and longer fight scenes to fill in the 2.5 sum hours isn't necessary. Just make the damn thing as long as an average Disney movie and it would've turned out the same!

So yeah this movie wasn't very good. It was slow when slow wasn't necessary, the battle scenes were way too long, and some of the dialogue was totally misplaced. The more I watched this movie, the more I remembered how "not" good the original LOTR was. Remember the Frodo/Sam long-staring scenes that were kinda gay? Yeah...questionable shit there.

Anyway, like I already said...good thing this series is over. Mr. Jackson needs to do something else with his time other than helping out the economy of New Zealand.
Rating - D