Monday, January 19, 2015

OnePlus One

So I chose the OnePlus One over other phones out there because I wanted to stay as close to the stock ROM as possible while not having any bloatware. Nothing is more annoying than having a bunch of AT&T junk on a phone even though I could get a better price because I can totally upgrade via my plan. But been there and done that with phones in the past, so yeah I went with this one.

  • The auto-brightness controls on this phone are awesome. I remember on the Nexus 5 how it never truly was perfect in terms of lighting but with the OnePlus it is always spot on and fast in auto-changing settings.
  • The battery life is amazing; I can go well over 1 day with this phone on and in use with no issues. I'd say the battery will last 2.2x times that of the Nexus 5.
  • The packaging was a great experience to open. It was reminiscent of opening up an Apple product for the first time. All companies should start concentrating on this aspect of marketing.
  • The AC adapter is one of the fastest charging ones I've ever used. It also had a very interesting ribbon-like anti-tangle red USB cord which was cool.
  • The customization of the Cyanogenmod ROM was annoying at first but then I discovered that I was actually able to customize the phone to 95% of how I wanted it which is good. I would still prefer stock Android OS but oh well.
  • The 4k video recording is pretty tech.
  • Calls come in clearly on both ends and are very loud...this was why I upgraded in the first place.
  • Price was terrific for what I was looking for; new specs.
  • Lack of Qi charging is killing me. This is one of those features that you don't realize how much you miss it until it's nabbed away via a phone upgrade. All of the phones I purchase in the future must have this.
  • The screen misses a large percentage of taps. This is a hardware problem that I've read about online and man does it suck. It happens probably 15% of the time if you're lightly playing around with the phone, but it's noticeable vs all of the other phones I've used in the past. I'm pondering trying to send this phone back for an RMA, but it's only sometimes reproducible.
  • It has hardware buttons at the bottom and I discovered I really don't like these. Using the OS you can change it so that these are disabled and it will tweak with the screen to create software menu buttons but that totally kills the real estate of the phone.
  • I'm still waiting on Cyanogenmod's version of Lolipop to be pushed to my yeah still waiting.
  • The greatest con that is on my mind is the fact that the camera sucks balls. It does not autofocus correctly and I am still tweaking with different settings and camera apps to try to get it to work properly, but I've already missed out on many-a-photos because they all ended up blurry. I don't think any iPhone camera in recent history has had this problem and my Nexus 5 surely didn't.
  • This one isn't really a con since it's my own fault. I bought a Pelosi case that had the same sandstone texture as the phone itself, but the bad thing was that it only protects the sides. I ended up dropping it and yeah below are the results. Ironic how it landed on an unprotected area; 50/50 chance I guess. Next time around no more of these slim cases, just but a regular full case and be done with it.
So the phone is fine...I'm still annoyed at the screen responsiveness, camera, and lack of Qi charging, but I'll make due. I've discovered that the 5.5" screen is a tad too large for my tastes as I can't fully one-hand the phone to do what needs to be done, so I'll try to stick with a 5 incher. I'll just wait and see what comes out though...too bad the Nexus 6 was huge and expensive or else I would've just upgraded to that, but with the changes happening in the smartphone world who knows what will happen. Hopefully there will be more "Pure Google" models.