Thursday, January 29, 2015

If I Stay (Drama 2014)

Yeah how about no. This movie was one that tried way too hard to be deep, but it was totally fake and artificial. In the film, Ms. Chloe Moretz gets into a car accident with her family and her consciousness is sorta thrown into limbo as she relives the last few years of her life to try to convince herself to "stay" as opposed to passing on.

The plot was pointless because it really didn't make a difference what happened in her past. She would wake up with a broken family, but would have opportunities to grow since she still had her bae and she just got accepted into a Julliard. So it really came down to the idea of if the loss of her family be too much to deal with. Again, stupid concept and I sure as hell wasn't emotionally invested into the film.

If the movie went in a different angle with a different writer/director then it could've been something different; but as it stood, it was quite subpar.
Rating - D