Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fury (War Drama 2014)

So this was a Brad Pitt WWII tank movie. It was a weird one, kinda reminiscent of The Thin Red Line minus the artsy stuff. I think the director wanted to make the whole setting seem "raw" with regards to war, but it just felt unusual...that and all of the actors acted a bit crazy. I guess I understand the premise of that...they are all nearing the end of the war and have seen and experienced a bunch of hairy stuff; but yeah, the characters themselves would not have passed a psych eval.

There was one exciting tank battle scene and the rest of the movie was filler.
The ending was a hoot though. They made it seem like a whole company of German soldiers were clueless idiots. If there is a tank that is not moving but is still active, you go around said tank and take it out from behind. This is common sense. You don't keep on trying to sneak up on it from the front or else you will die, simple as that. It was quite ludicrous watching the end...not sure what the filmmakers were going for there.
Rating - D