Monday, January 19, 2015

Camp X-Ray (Drama 2014)

So this movie was 'Eh'. I guess the plot was OK as it followed around a soldier at Gitmo and explored her interactions with a specific detainee. But we first really need to point out that the main character is played by Kristen Stewart, who is an awful actor...she was a terrible choice as a primary because she shouldn't be in movies at all; she needs to be a grocery clerk. In this film she kept on putting on her 'pained look' face, and in this type of military prison environment that would be a green light for her to get screwed.

As for the plot, I didn't 100% get the purpose of the story. Nobody really knows if the dude was innocent or not so either he was trying to trick said weak-ass soldier or he really was a sad human being who was falsely accused and imprisoned. The audience will have different reactions to both depending on what they believe, but it really doesn't have a purpose other than to show that it would suck to be in such a situation.
Rating - C