Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Update: LG Google Nexus 5

So after a year of ownership I have upgraded phones and have sold off my Nexus 5 Google Phone. The positives of the experience were that the Qi wireless charging was badass; all new phones should integrate this feature. In addition to this, the phone software was great with Android's frequent OTA updates. Never had any problems with any of the software. There was only one negative and that was the fact that if you held the phone horizontally, the mic would barely work. After reading through various forums it turns out that this was a common occurrence with this model and thus it becomes a hardware issue. I friggin' hate those because it's an unsolvable problem unless you upgrade.

I probably would've stayed with this phone until the OS updates stopped, much like I did with the Galaxy Nexus, but I discovered the OnePlus One Phone and figured that I could upgrade while only spending $120 and a bit of time to handle the sale of the old phone. Review incoming for that...