Monday, December 08, 2014

Snowpiercer (Sci-Fi Action 2013)

This was a different type of Sci-Fi movie. The world has frozen over and the only peeps who are still alive are on a train that continuously goes around the world. Each section of the train represents a different social class and they each have a part to play in making the microcosm of society on the train work.

On the surface the movie may have seemed like some brainless action flick, but I'm pretty sure it was supposed to call attention to how societal changes occur. In this film the people in the back of the train, the poor peeps and low class, get fed up with taking shit and rebel, thus killing off the equivalent of law enforcement and military, but leaving the other people alone like the workers, professionals, tech peeps, and the like. In the end it tries to show that the rebelling low class will usurp the ruling class and take over as the new ruling class, but in order for the train to continue functioning, they still need low class people. This is similar to what happened in Communist countries like Russia (USSR) and China.

Anyhoo, the movie was different, but there were many parts of it that were silly and B-quality. I don't think it's worth a watch if you have anything better on the list.
Rating - C