Monday, December 01, 2014

It's a Disaster (Dark Comedy 2012)

So this is one of those dark comedies where the characters are fucking crazy and the situations they put themselves into are screwy as well. I personally don't like these types of films, but I didn't know what I was getting into when I first loaded it up via Amazon Prime.

The movie followed around a groups of friends as they got together for a couple's brunch. Everyone was a nutter in their own way and this just got expounded upon as the story went on. I will admit that the beginning was awkward and sorta funny as different characters reacted differently to a friend's new date. It's what happens when you have a close group of friends who already know each other and then you insert a newbie. I remember being in that situation once in my life...fairly uncomfortable.

Anyway, after a certain disaster strikes the city, the peeps are stuck in the house and that's where the whole film falls apart. All the characters devolve into idiots as their personalities aren't even eccentric anymore as they become just plain stupid. The way ending was horribly bad as they brought in some religious BS to top off the cake. I didn't like this movie at all and I really didn't see the purpose of it.
Rating - D