Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Drama 2014)

At first I didn't really want to see this movie because I thought that the whole thing was given away in the trailers. I was partially correct on that front, but the writers did integrate enough story with Caesar to keep it going.

In a nutshell the movie goes over what happened after the apes and humans meet again after a decade or so of living apart and after the ape civilization has flourished in the forest.

I didn't like the story all that much but it did work. The CG was great as per usual and the action was somewhat over the top. I didn't see one ape reload their assault rifles extra mags, pouches, nothin... So yeah there was definitely a lack of realism there but oh well.

The movie was better than your average flick, so I'll give it that, but I didn't quite feel it overall. Perhaps the downfall of humanity is not a feel-good thing to watch.
Rating - B